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UP TET NEW Exam Date Admit Card 2019-2020



UP Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET)

UP TET New Exam Date Admit Card 2020


About Post Details: UP Teacher Eligibility Test 2019 Are Invited to UP Teacher Eligibility Test New Exam Date Admit Card 2019 Online Application Form For the Recruitment Vacancy. Intrigued Candidate Completed All Eligibility Criteria And Apply Online Application Form. Competitor, Please Read Full Notification Before You Apply UP Teacher Eligibility Test New Exam Date Admit Card 2019-2020.

Important Dates

  • Application Begin: 01/11/2019
  • Last Date for Apply Online: 20/11/2019
  • Last Date Pay Exam Fee: 21/11/2019
  • Admit Card: Coming Soon
  • Exam Date: 22 /12/19
  • New Exam Date: 08 January 2020
  • Result  Available: 21-01-2020

Application Fee

  • General / OBC Candidates: 600/- Rupee
  • SC / ST / Candidates : 400/- Rupee
  • PH Candidates: 100/- Rupee
  • General / OBC Candidates: 1200/- Rupee
  • SC / ST / Candidates : 800/- Rupee
  • PH Candidates: 200/- Rupee
  • Payment By Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or Pay Offline E Challan Mode.

UP TET New Exam Date Admit Card 2020

Eligibility Primary Level (1 to 5)

Languages Available – Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit

  • Intermediate 10+2 Exam Passed with 50% Marks and 4 Year B.LEd Degree Eligibility Primary Level OR
  • Bachelor Degree in Any Stream with B.Ed Degree Eligibility Primary Level OR
  • Diploma in Teacher From Aligarh Muslim University AMU, Aligarh Eligibility Primary Level OR
  • Moaalizm E Urdu Exam Passed Eligibility Primary Level OR
  • D. Ed Special Exam Passed Eligibility Primary Level 
  • 2 Year BTC Or Special BTC Exam Passed Eligibility Primary Level

UP TET New Exam Date Admit Card 2020

Eligibility Junior Level (6 to 8)

Languages Available – Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit

  • Eligibility Junior Level Bachelor’s Degree/ Master Degree alone with 50% Marks & 04 Year B. Ed / B.E.d Special Exam Passed  OR
  • Eligibility Junior Level Bachelor’s Degree / Master Degree with BTC Training 2 Year Exam Passed OR
  • Eligibility Junior Level Intermediate 10+2 Exam Passed with 50% Marks and 4 Year B.LEd Degree OR
  • Eligibility Junior Level Intermediate 10+2 Exam Passed with 50% Marks and Ed Degree OR

UP TET New Exam Date Admit Card 2020

Intrested Candidates Can Read the Full Notification Before Apply Online Form

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